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Street Warrior Ebike Trike - Eco Hot Food Delivery Bike

  • Introducing the Ultimate eco-friendly hot food delivery ebike, the Street Warrior eTrike. The new Street Warrior range of ebikes are designed for fast, eco-friendly, inner city multidrop hot food deliveries. Take advantage of no road tax, no congestion charge, no licence requirements & no fuel costs.  The ebike comes fitted with dual batteries, one for the bike offering up to 30 hours of power assisted support and the other dedicated for powering the heating plate at 70°C for up to 8 hours.
    1. Easy to ride for even the un-experienced
    2. Easy to use control system
    3. Great visibility with the integrated front/rear lights and 3M bag panels
    4. Easy to remove delivery bag and wear as a backpack for out of reach deliveries
    5. Carry multiple orders keeping them hot
    6. Bag dividers for custom storage
    7. Up to 8 hours heated delivery off one charge
    8. Foldable bars to help with storage
    1. E-Trike + Charger
    2. Rear Rack + Battery + Charger
    3. Premium Delivery Bag + Dividers
    4. Premium Heating Plate

The Street Warrior City Etrike Delivery Solution

This three wheeled electric pedal assisted bike will help you to deliver your food quickly and make sure it arrives how it should