Scooter Delivery Driver Sat Nav Mounting Kit


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  • Waterproof fast food scooter delivery rider mirror mounting kit with Ultimateaddons Tough Case is ideal for for any scooter delivery rider where you have mirrors / fairing frame / crossbars with a diameter of 8-16mm.  

    Optional Hardwire Kit simply connects to the battery terminals and drops the voltage from 12v down to 5v 2amp output.  Simply select what adapter cable you require either Micro USB for Samsung models (Micro V3 for Samsung Galaxy S5) or Apple 8 Pin for all Apple tough cases. 

    1. Tough case offers great protection 
    2. Attachment supports 8-16mm mirror stems
    3. Attachment supports 25mm / 1" adapters
    4. Optional waterproof charger
      1. 1x Ultimateaddons Tough Case of your choice
      2. 1x Ultimateaddons 25mm to 3 Prong Adapter 
      3. Optional Waterproof Charging Kit

    Category: Scooter Mount Kit

    Type: Sat Nav Kit

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