5V 2 Amp Scooter Power Supply with 2 USB Ports & Cigarette Socket


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This 12v waterproof mobile accessory charger is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to conveniently charge their 5v/12v devices from their motorcycle or scooter handlebars. This hard wire handlebar charger is ideal for charging your Smartphone / Satnav / MP3 and various gadgets while your traveling on your vehicle.

12V Accessory Charger

This waterproof 12v accessory charger is ideal for a whole range of 12v accessories including inflating air beds while you are camping. The 12v accessory charger is always on, simply remove the waterproof cap, plug in your DC charger, it is that simple.

Dual USB Ports

Want the convenience of charging two 5v devices from a standard USB port while mounted to your vehicles handlebars? Most Smartphones, MP3 and GPS devices are 5v and with a max of 2.1 Amps you will be able to spread the power between two devices. The two USB parts can be turned on and off with the convenient waterproof switch to reduce the drain on your vehicles battery.

Category: DC Adapter

Type: Accessory

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