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Premium Bags FAQ

UltimateHeat has been revolutionising the way food is delivered to customers’ homes for seven years. Since then, our products have been carefully modified and regenerated to the premium position they now occupy today. 

We have been speaking to our current customers over the last year or so and with the feedback we have been getting made a lot of changes to produce better quality bags.  We have customers who delivery takeaway food, breakfasts, meals on wheels, school dinners, one delivery drivers a good mix all wanting an effective solution.

They come in two sizes – 88L and 115L.

Customers wanted to have 14” pizza boxes compatible with all bags so we made the width and the depth for these sizes of boxes.

The only real difference between the 88L and the 115L is the width. The 115L is designed to hold up 14 boxes side-by-side.

The 115L for standard deliveries would be a boot bag and not designed for taking up to the customers’ doors unless a really big order

The 115L can hold 28+ meal boxes, while the 88L product can hold 20+ meal boxes.

Our premium bags keep food hotter for longer, courtesy of our top-of-the-range insulated lining, coupled with a removable heated pack at the base of the bag, which can be plugged into a power socket (both inside a restaurant and inside a typical delivery vehicle through a car charger).

This is what makes UltimateHeat’s products so unique. In addition, a battery pack can be attached to the bag, which allows it to be taken out and about at different locations for long periods, while keeping the contents inside piping hot.

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This is difficult to answer, but the following goes some way in explaining the effectiveness of UltimateHeat.

There are many different factors, such as the size of the bag in question, the amount of food inside and ambient temperatures generally.

Typically, a heated pack heats a full bag to 70°c, with an empty bag reaching around 40-50°. The temperature increases based on the contents inside.

With basic bags, there is no additional heat provided. The heat generated from the food inside the bag is heating the air all around it. If the air is cold, the bag will be drawing all the heat from the food – and the food temperature drops. Depending on the contents, you can easily deliver some meals with a 30mins to 1hr delivery time, with the temperature of the food as hot as it was when it was freshly cooked in the kitchen.

UltimateHeat’s premium bags are extremely durable, with reinforced base and made from a mixture of leather and polyester. These bags will easily outlive budget bags x2 fold.

The bags are made with YKK zippers but also have a flap covering the zips if the driver does not want to use the zips.

There is a 12-month warranty.

Customers can trial a bag too. I.E. They pay for a bag, test it over a seven-day period and if they are not happy, they can return it with all the original packaging for a full refund.

You simply turn it off and leave it to dry. 

The heating elements are wire and coated in silicon. The heated pack sits under the removable liner in all bags. It is easy to wipe clean, while the removable liner can be washed conventionally, as required.