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12V Heated Takeaway 5x Pizza Insulated Delivery Bag


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  • Ultimateheat's 5x Pizza box sized heated delivery bag has been designed to keep your food warmer for longer while en-route to your clients. With its internal space holding up to 5 x 16" pizza boxes and a removable cool drinks bag, what's not to like about delivering your cuisine as fresh and warm as it's just out of the oven.

    Preheat the bag from any UK mains socket (optional), allowing approx 15 minutes to reach 60 degrees, the carbon fibre heating element keeps the bag warm at around 60 degrees.  Simply transfer to your delivery driver who then plugs the bag into the car cigarette lighter socket to maintain the heat.  With 2 strong handles, this allows your delivery person to carry the bag easily to your clients door and the removable car cigarette lighter cable can be left in the vehicle. 

    1. Holds up to 5 x 16" Pizza sized boxes
    2. Temperature 50-60℃ dependant on ambient temperature
    3. Heat's up in minutes
    4. Removable drinks / sundries bag 
    5. Removable washable liner inside bag
    6. 2 side pockets for holding receipts / menus
    7. Carry handles
    1. Holds up to 5 x 16" Pizza sized boxes
    2. Internal - 47cm x 47cm x 26cm
    3. External - 48cm x 48cm x 28cm 
    1. 1x Ultimateheat 5x pizza delivery bag
    2. 1x Ultimateheat 12v DC car adapter - Included with the bag
    3. 1x Ultimateheat UK AC mains adapter - Optional at checkout (required to pre-heat the bag in your premises)