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Why use a heated delivery bag?

May 03, 2019

Why use a heated delivery bag?

Why would you use a heated delivery bag over a normal insulated bag? Well Ultimate Heat’s new products are all set to revolutionise the food delivery market, thanks to a sizzling new take on delivery bags.

Unlike many rival solutions, Ultimate Heat’s delivery packs keeps food hotter for much longer, allowing popular takeaway food to be delivered and consumed at the same temperature as if you were eating the food in the restaurant itself.

The takeaway food business in the UK has grown considerably and it's now a £30 billion plus industry.

A big barrier for you as a business is getting the food delivered in the best condition. In busy towns and cities, traffic can be a real pain when it comes to delivering food quickly.

And in the country, long distances for deliveries can increase time between order and delivery - and increase the likelihood of lukewarm and unsafe food. 

Cold or barely warm food is the number one cause of complaint among takeaway customers - with the industry handing back around £300 million every year by way of compensation according to a recent UK study. With tight margins, it's just not economic to sustain that level of loss.

That's why thermostatically controlled hot food delivery systems will give you a competitive advantage over competitors, reduce your costs - and keep your customers well fed and happy.

Your customers care how their food is delivered. You use the best ingredients and work hard to provide customers with the highest quality foods. Let Ultimate Heat help you deliver the freshest food possible at the right temperature.

We provide heated delivery bags designed to deliver hot takeaway food from your kitchen to their door as hot as it left your oven. First Impressions are so important for your business, ensure that your clients are impressed when their home delivery is brought to their door, as hot as it left the kitchen.

You can order our Ultimateheat bags online or simply read more about us here.

We offer free technical pre-sales advice, if you are not 100% certain what options best for your business, please give us a call, email or live chat and our technical team will offer you advice. Call: +44 (0) 1854 611 222

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